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Office: TA323

Michael Armstrong

Associate Professor

Michael J Armstrong teaches courses on quality improvement and game theory. He holds a PhD in management science from the University of British Columbia, an MBA from the University of Ottawa, and a BSc from the Royal Military College of Canada. Before his academic career he was a manager of aircraft maintenance. Dr Armstrong is certified by the American Society for Quality in quality management and as a six sigma black belt in quality improvement. He won a Research Achievement Award in 2005, a Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2012, a Chancellor's Chair for Teaching Excellence in 2012, and a Fulbright Scholar award in 2013.


One of Dr Armstrong's research programs aims to help students make better decisions about their studies. He is examining the performance of students who repeat courses, to see how well they do compared to their previous attempts and compared to first-time students. He is also experimenting with the use of grade forecasts to help students better understand their learning progress.

Dr Armstrong's other research program involves military operations research. He is developing mathematical models to explore the properties of missile combat at sea and over land. He is also using mathematics to model modern and historical battles, to determine which factors were important to their outcomes.


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